Renew exists to equip the Body of Christ with technology, digital media, and strategies to reach the unreached and most remote people with the Gospel. Watch the video above.


The Reach Project is Renew’s method to supply workers in the field with equipment, media, and strategies and provide financial partners opportunities to give to specific needs.



Mobile Ministry:

Share the good news in thousands of languages on mobile phones using new technology!

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The Reach Strategy:

Use the JESUS Film and Audio Bibles for powerful evangelism and discipleship.

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Vista Solar Projectors

Do movie showings for over 1000 people off the power grid

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Share media with all types of phones, anywhere on earth.

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Solar Audio Bibles

Get God’s Word to people all around the world with Audio Bibles.

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Get media to tool up for outreach!

Renew has a repository of Gospel Media in over 6,000 languages for you to use in the field.

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Already have media? Convert it.

Use our step-by-step tutorials to learn how to convert it for Vista projector systems or mobile phones.

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Renew’s Partners

Read what they’re saying about Renew:

Heidi Baker
“These solar Bibles and projectors with the Jesus Film are the best tools you will ever ever see. They explain the gospel and people are discipled and changed. It’s so beautiful!”
“This is the best breakthrough I have ever heard for the gospel. I am so excited about the developments Jesus gave you!”

—Heidi Baker, Co founder
IRIS Global

Loren Cunningham
“Renew World Outreach helps missionaries use technology to get God’s Word to remote people groups. They can share Bibles and the JESUS Film with their friends, who can share it with their friends. What an amazing way to distribute Bibles!”

—Loren Cunningham, Founder
Youth With A Mission

Brad Brown, CIO
“Thanks to Renew, we are able to get Dr. Stanley’s content in places around the world that we never thought possible.”

—Brad Brown, CIO
InTouch Ministries

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Renew Has Sent Out:

Audio Bibles

69,992 Audio Bibles


867 LightStreams


3,772 Vistas

371,836,216* People have watched the Jesus Film on a Vista
10,143,900* LightStream Interactions
* Approximate

The Average
Impact of One Vista:

98,578 People
Watch the jesus Film
25,804 People
Choose to Follow Christ

The Cost:
For sc
Someone experiences the Visual Gospel

For 9c
Someone Accepts Jesus