Our Mission

Renew World Outreach uses innovative technology to connect, renew and transform the world with the Word of God.

How do we do it?

By developing energy efficient, reliable, and ultra-portable media presentation systems and development tools.  Our equipment provides the ability to share the audio Bible and the JESUS Film in “off the grid” locations around the world without using a generator or fuel.  Our systems are purposefully designed to carry the Gospel message from the Amazon jungle to the African bush to the Middle Eastern desert.

All of our equipment is water- dirt- and damage-resistant.  In fact, one user of our Papyrus audio Bible who was unfamiliar with solar technology thought he could charge the device by placing it next to a fire.  Part of the unit was burned and charred, but it still was able to function!  Check out our stories from the field page to read more stories of how God is using our equipment in action.

What are Renew’s vision and values?

  • Renew will seek to transform the lives of the most remote people on earth by engaging their spiritual and physical needs.
  • Renew’s place in that transformation is to ensure that hearts changed by the Gospel remain at the center of all “community development.”
  • Renew seeks to provoke the Body of Christ by using innovation to rethink the way that the most remote people on earth are engaged.
  • Renew is committed to always being mission minded first, even if it costs us financially.  Renew must operate in the power of God not in the wisdom of man.
  • Renew believes in the work of God, and that we are simply partners in what He is doing.  Unless the Lord builds it, we labor in vain.
  • We want to capture the hearts of a generation that is longing for purpose by pointing them to a God and a mission that was designed to fulfill their deepest longings.
  • Renew is committed to doing all things with excellence while maintaining an environment of creativity and innovation.
  • Renew’s place is to bring people and organizations together to create synergy in everyone efforts for the good of spreading the Gospel.  This may require sacrifice by all parties but the focus must remain the Gospel and not individual “success.”