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Aurora Project

Exists to equip nationals and indigenous people with the Gospel to effectively reach the Amazon tribes and partner with other ministries to empower indigenous believers in discipleship. The Aurora Project has had ongoing Gospel media recordings, outreach, and indigenous training conferences hosted at the Aurora property in the Peruvian Amazon for many years. This has resulted in many salvations and churches planted among the U* people group. We have now completed Gospel media recordings in the languages of 10 tribes, with 8 more to follow in 2016. We need to continue the process the Lord has begun with the U* people and expand to the other tribes.


The Opportunity

Among the ten countries of the Amazon, there are about 200 plus indigenous people groups, each with their own distinct language and customs. There are very few thriving churches in this area, and the 200 or more tribes have little or no access to the Gospel. In fact, some have been completely unreached.



Our goal is to train the indigenous Christian leaders to plant churches with Scriptures in their own language, and enable them to worship Jesus in their own culturally-relevant way. These indigenous leaders can break through cultural barriers and connect with unreached tribes with the Gospel. Another goal is to partner with other ministries and help empower the indigenous people holistically, strengthening their ability to survive and thrive.


The project will provide human resources and equipment, connect partners and networks, create Gospel media in indigenous languages, and send evangelism and discipleship outreach teams to impact these 200 plus tribes. There are national missionaries, indigenous leaders, and ministry networks, all with remarkable track records that would be willing to partner together to reach these unreached peoples. Partnering together to provide the necessary audio and visual equipment and translated media will mobilize these proven ministers to see the Gospel touch every remote location of the Amazon.


The Objective

Existing Networks

Partnering with three groups within the Amazon region, all 200 plus tribes can be reached with the Gospel.
The way that we have accomplished reaching the Amazon tribes is by equipping national missionaries (National Latin Ministry Network) to visit the tribes and find “people of peace” among the indigenous who can be raised up to become the first church planters in their respective tribes. We then bring these indigenous leaders (Indigenous Network) to our Aurora property for a training conference once per year where they are equipped with the tools and strategies they need to reach their tribes for Jesus. These training conferences have historically been a critical component of sparking church planting movements among the indigenous because of the focused time of basic pastoral training, worship with other believers, and vital training in basic health and hygiene. When the trainees return to their tribes, they have experienced the presence of God, they know Him through His Word, and they are equipped with the practical tools to start a spiritual transformation of their villages. But it doesn’t stop there. Once the foundation of Christ has been laid, the training they have received in health, hygiene, and basic community development begins the process of lifting the tribe out of poverty.

The Team

David and Stephanie

The Founders

David and Stephanie Palusky were called to the Peruvian Amazon through a remarkable series of events and began to develop a relationship with believers in the U* community in 1998. David was faced with this question: “How can we present the Gospel to remote people and empower their native leaders to disciple their own tribes?”The tribe lived deep in the jungle without electricity or generators. David then drew on his electrical engineering background, and began creating portable solar-powered movie players and P.A. systems. Seeing that there was also a need for community development and health education, the Palusky’s were able to purchase the Aurora property, and hold a conference to build up these new believers who wanted to find out more about God. Since then, conferences have taken place at Aurora for the last four years.

Aurora US team

Aurora US Team

Daniel Enlow grew up in Peru as a missionary kid, helping his parents pioneer some of the early work with unreached groups in the Amazon. This incredible experience has helped shape his life and given him unique insight into the way of life of these remotest of people on the planet. Danny is also a gifted worship leader with a pastoral heart that yearns to see men and women of each culture raised up to disciple their people. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Danny’s unique background makes him the perfect liaison between our Latin America staff and our base of operations here in the US near Atlanta, Georgia. He has a wife and three children who live in Georgia also.


Aurora’s Peru Team

Marcos grew up in Brazil and has been working for the last few years with the indigenous groups in the Amazon area in Peru. He has trained them to become missionaries to their own people. His dedication has helped in planting churches in far away communities. Marcos is gifted in Biblical teaching and also has a tender heart towards the indigenous. He has proven to be a man of integrity and is dedicated to the work of Ministry. His wife Ruth is gifted in grace and ministers alongside him and they both have been blessed with a lovely young daughter.


Yazna-webYazna Bueno is an architect from Mexico who trained with Wycliffe in Lima, Peru. She oversaw the construction of a recording studio at the Aurora training center and is collaborating with Anny on translation and recording projects.
Roman-Family-TeamRoman, a graduate of a two-year Bible school, and his wife Lleni are a wonderful and hospitable couple who live at Aurora full time with their five children. Roman leads his whole family in lovingly caring for the whole property, ensuring the healthiest growth of trees and plants.



How it Began

In 1998, David and Stephanie Palusky were called to the Peruvian Amazon through a remarkable series of events and began to develop a relationship with believers in the U* community. They made a number of trips to the rural communities and on one trip an U* pastor took David aside. He took a Bible and holding it up said, “My people can’t read this.” As David mulled this over in his mind, God gave him the idea to develop solar-powered projectors and audio-Bibles so that remote oral cultures can have the Word of God in a way that they can receive it.

Since that time, God raised up a Brazilian missionary named Marcos to serve this indigenous people. Marcos frequently travels to the U* communities to encourage the Church and work with the indigenous missionaries who want to take the Word of God to unreached villages. He and the missionaries go far back into the jungle to the remotest communities, showing the JESUS Film and starting discipleship listening groups with audio-Bibles in the U* language. Within the year, the new believers were asking questions and wanted to find out more.

At this time, David and Stephanie were able to purchase the Aurora property, and a conference was held to build up these new believers who wanted to find out more about God. Conferences have taken place at Aurora for the last four years. In addition to times of teaching and worship, the conference also offers attendees opportunities to benefit from medical services, dental services, health training, sessions on small engine repair and fútbol! At the last conference, a number of indigenous women learned to read and demonstrated their new skill at the public meeting – this was very exciting as it was previously thought impossible! In addition to using the land for conferences, it is available to YWAM, JESUS Film, Global Recordings Network (GRN), Wycliffe, and Heart Sounds International as they serve the Peruvian indigenous. To see a video about the Aurora Project in Peru, check out the videos page.



The Aurora Project in Peru


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