Media Conversion Training Center

Welcome to Renew’s Media Conversion Training Center! Here you will find step-by-step guides to convert Gospel media (like the Jesus Film, the Audio Bible, GRN, other media, or your own creations) into formats that will play on various different platforms.

Converting Media for Use on Our Vista Equipment

Because all of our Vista solar presentation systems play media from microSD cards, all physical media like CDs and DVDs must be converted to digital files in order to be played. All files must be created as or converted to the correct digital format. Click the button below for step-by-step instructions on how to convert media for use on Vista Systems.

Convert Video for Vistas

Converting Media for Use on Mobile Phones and the LightStream

Mobile Ministry involves converting audio and video files so that they can be distributed to billions of mobile phones around the globe, even in the developing world. In our Mobile Ministry Quickstart course we cover how to convert video files to the 3GP format and audio files to the MP3 format so that they can be used on most mobile phones. Click through the tutorials below to convert and distribute audio and video. For more tutorials, check out our Mobile Ministry page.

If you have video files that you want to distribute on mobile phones, it’s a good idea to convert them to the .3GP format so that they can be viewed on both smartphones, and basic phones.

Click here to convert video


If you have audio files or CDs that you want to distribute on mobile phones, you will have to convert your files to the MP3 format (if they are not MP3 files already).

Click here to convert audio


If you want to distribute media to most mobile phones, even in the developing world, you can use a computer to copy microSD cards loaded with Gospel audio and video files.

Click here to copy microSD cards


Once you have copied a microSD card, you should learn how to insert it into the microSD card slot on various types of phones, and then locate the card’s media.

Click here to locate media


After you have shared a microSD card with someone, they can virally share the Gospel audio and video files with other phones using a technology called Bluetooth.

Click here to do Bluetooth transfers

Visit our Mobile Ministry page to learn more techniques to spread the Gospel virally!

Mobile Ministry Page