A young woman from the tribe where Renew began its work.


Our company took root deep in the Amazon jungle when, in 1998, founder David Palusky was faced with this question: “How can we present the Gospel to remote people and empower their native leaders to disciple their own tribes?”

The chief of a tribe had asked David for God’s Word in his own language, but the tribe could not read. In response, David helped record the Jesus Film. But how could they watch it? The tribe lived deep in the jungle without electricity or generators. David then drew on his electrical engineering background, and began creating portable solar-powered movie players and P.A. systems.

The empowering impact of these tools inspired David with his brother, Gene Palusky, to begin Renew World Outreach.


Onward & Upward

Since its inception, Renew has grown into a diverse and dedicated team located about an hour outside of Atlanta, GA, USA.

Our goal is to equip God’s worldchangers with continual advances in creative technology – helping to bring the Gospel to the “ends of the earth!”

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Stephanie and David Palusky, founders of Renew.

The Renew Team in 2013