Integral Missions

What is Integral Missions?

Integral Missions (also known as holistic transformation) is the church’s mission to share the Gospel as well as help meet peoples’ holistic needs. In addition to proclaiming the Gospel (meeting spiritual needs), the church is also called to demonstrate the Gospel (meeting social and economic needs), such as providing clean water, food, medicine, education, or other basic life-needs. Therefore, Integral Missions is the Gospel in Word and Deed!

“What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace, be warmed and filled,’ without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” (James 2:14-17 ESV)

How Do We Do This Together?

Renew partners with other ministries by providing technology and strategies to help them achieve their “Word” goals. We’ve sometimes been referred to as the “content delivery” folks – we can equip you with media presentation & distribution systems that provide the Word of God in peoples’ heart language.

Your organization has several proven, highly effective options to incorporate evangelism and discipleship into your ministry.

First, you can show the JESUS Film showings with the Vista systems. The JESUS Film is available in over 1,400 languages and has reached billions of people, and has resulted in more than 200 million decisions for Christ.

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We have lots of training materials on “mobile ministry“. Mobile ministry is a free and easy way to train your workers to share the Gospel in another language just by using the phone they already have in their pocket!

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You can distribute Audio Bibles & discipleship materials with microSD cards, solar audio players, or the LightStream

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We partner with organizations who provide the following:
  • Clean Water
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Child Care and Development
  • Orphan Care

  • Health and Medical Care
  • Community Development
  • Relief and Development
  • Education

  • Refugee and Immigration Services
  • Economic Development
  • Engineering/Architectural Services
  • Justice/Human Rights
  • And Others


Living Water ProjectYouth With A Mission (YWAM) — Medical

Living Water Project

The Living Water Project is a partnership with Water Mission, InTouch Ministries, and Renew. Water Mission provides clean water solutions to communities around the world. With over 500 active projects worldwide, Water Mission has seen major community transformation with clean water systems. In Touch provides valuable teaching on understanding and applying God’s Word through messages by Dr. Charles Stanley. Through this partnership, dozens of communities around the world have already been empowered by Renew’s LightStream, and it’s only just starting. The LightStream devices are installed alongside the water treatment systems and loaded with audio and videos that promote healthy water and sanitation behavior. The LightStream also distributes the audio Bible, the Jesus Film, and Dr. Stanley’s messages. Now, when the community comes to receive safe, clean water they can receive the Living Water as well! Watch the video below for more info.



The Living Water Project has impacted communities around the world with clean water and the Gospel message in digital format. Currently 12 systems are operational with the project and some of the LightStreams are seeing over 700 downloads of media a week! These are the nations that have systems and there are more to come:

Current Nations
  • Honduras
  • Haiti
  • Uganda
  • Mexico
  • Kenya
  • Peru
Honduras 3
Honduras 5
Honduras 13
Honduras 15

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) — Medical Ship

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and Renew World Outreach partnered together to bring the Good News as well as medical assistance to those in Papua New Guinea. Renew equipped the YWAM team, who traveled aboard the YWAM medical ship, The Pacific Link. While patients sat on the ship waiting to be seen by a dental team, the YWAM group from Kona, Hawaii set up one of Renew’s solar-powered projector (Vista) systems to show the JESUS Film. Daily, 30-40 people got to watch the JESUS Film in their own language, while waiting for medical care!

The Kona team traveled through the islands of Papua New Guinea and disembarked on Karkar island. They joined forces with a local pastor and shared the Gospel with about 10,000 people. But how would they provide follow-up discipleship materials to so many? Fortunately a bag full of tiny microSD cards provided by Renew were the answer. When the team outreach leader was asked if the SD cards were helpful, she replied, “I wish we had brought more!” The team only had 200 copies! However, the islanders were able to transfer the audio Bible to their friends’ phones via Bluetooth, quickly multiplying those 200 initial copies of the Bible into many many more.

In one instance, when in Medang, Papua New Guinea, they met a blind girl who had never before owned a Bible. When the girl heard the words of the Bible coming from a cellphone, she and her family were moved to tears. The team suddenly felt a sense of awe. Even though the girl couldn’t see or read, the Word of God ministered to her out loud in her language! The Kona team called this an “ah ha!” moment for themselves. They realized God’s Word, packed into these tiny microSD cards, can have a huge impact for all of eternity.


The mission of is to give sight to people who have limited access to medical help in Togo, Africa. However, we do not focus only on sight. In order to focus on the entire person, we focus on three different facets – sight, ministry, and farming. Here are three exciting stories about each one of these.


12071387_750164238423441_846430474_n-copy-150x150Meet Jeanne and her husband. Before her surgery, she was only able to perceive light. After surgery, her vision went to 6/12 (the equivalent of 20/40 vision)! Her husband calls twice a week just to say “thank you.” He reports that she’s doing very well.

Jeanne-2_opt-2-300x143Our team says that the thing they notice the most about their patients is that even their appearance changes after their eye surgery. Do you notice how different Jeanne looks from the first picture to the second? Once she was able to see again, the light came back into her in more ways than one! Patients are almost unrecognizable after their surgeries because they have hope again, and that hope changes them on the inside and the outside. Praise Jesus that we get to do this work! You can be a big part of giving sight to people like Jeanne.


12047338_748829441890254_1416642584_n-300x200While our team is doing eye surgeries, they are also speaking truth into people’s lives. We encourage the patients before surgery when they are scared. We tell people about Jesus and his healing power. The patients know that we can only do this because our team loves Jesus. Also, at night, the team sets up a projector and screen and shows the Jesus Film to people in the village. Many people watching the Jesus Film are the very same people who have received eye surgeries that week.

Last week, our team showed the Jesus Film to 250 people in a village largely unreached by the gospel, and 65 people committed their lives to Jesus Christ!!!! 65 PEOPLE!!! This is not the only village that we will go into that is unreached. There are 280,000 people and six different people groups in Togo who have never heard about Jesus. Please continue to pray for these efforts to take the gospel into these villages!


Unknown-26Unknown-25These are our first farming students in Togo. They went through four months of training on our farm, learning better farming techniques so that they can get better nutrition, which can prevent eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, and pterygium. The ceremony of graduation was held in August 2015. We are so proud of our students!