LightStream Software

As Renew continues to develop the LightStream’s software in order to offer new features and improve performance, we will publish firmware updates for existing LightStream installations.

Please check your LightStream admin dashboard to ensure that you have the current firmware version. If you do not, please follow the steps below.

Current Firmware Version

LightStream Version—3.7.3

* Your LightStream version number may or may not include “-rpi2” at the end. It is okay either way. This is just an indicator of what kind of hardware your LightStream runs on. We may ask you whether or not your version number includes this tag for some troubleshooting procedures in the event that you encounter a technical difficulty.

Download LightStream Firmware Version 3.7.3


LightStream User Manual (Manual de Usario LightStream)

Click here to get a printable LightStream User Manual
Manual de Usario LightStream



LightStream Training Video

Watch this excellent training video for thorough step-by-step instructions on how to operate your LightStream.