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Mobile Ministry Overview

Currently, there are over FIVE BILLION mobile phones (cell phones) worldwide. This is an amazing opportunity for evangelism and discipleship because billions of these phones can play audio and video gospel media files. Click the button below to learn more!


What is Mobile Ministry?

Renew’s QuickStart Tutorial Course

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Click the yellow button and then follow along with the course below to learn how to use mobile phones to make the Gospel go viral on mobile phones anywhere in the world using new technology

Part 1: Apps and Online Sharing

This first tutorial shows how to download three smartphone apps: Jesus Film Media,, and Kolo World. These apps can be used to share the Gospel with others over the internet or offline.

Click Here to Download Apps


When you meet people who speak a language different from yours, you can share Christ’s story by sending a Gospel video in their language to them over the internet from the Jesus Film app.

Click Here to Share the JESUS Film


Using the app from Faith Comes By Hearing you can share the Audio Bible with others online so that they can listen to God’s Word in their heart language.

Click here to share the Audio Bible


Kolo World is an app that will allow you to download Gospel Media in over 1,000 languages and organize it for outreach and discipleship.

Click here to use Kolo World


Part 2: Downloading Media

If you download Gospel files you can share them offline, without the internet. This tutorial shows how to download the Audio Bible, in over 840 languages, from the website.

Click here to download Audio Bible


The JESUS Film is a movie that presents the Gospel in over 1,200 languages. This tutorial shows how to download it so that you can show the movie without an internet connection.

Click here to download the JESUS Film


Global Recordings Network has recorded Bible stories in over 6,000 language dialects. If you share the Gospel in an uncommon language, GRN probably has a recording for you.

Click here to download GRN media


Part 3: Converting Media

If you have video files that you want to distribute on mobile phones, it’s a good idea to convert them to the .3GP format so that they can be viewed on both smartphones, and basic phones.

Click here to convert video


If you have audio files or CDs that you want to distribute on mobile phones, you will have to convert your files to the MP3 format (if they are not MP3 files already).

Click here to convert audio


Part 4: Offline Distribution

If you want to distribute media to most mobile phones, even in the developing world, you can use a computer to copy microSD cards loaded with Gospel audio and video files.

Click here to copy microSD cards


Sometimes, you’ll meet people who already have microSD cards in their phones. You can use Android phones and tablets, with a few adapters, to copy Gospel files to their cards in the field.

Click here to copy with Android


Once you have copied a microSD card, you should learn how to insert it into the microSD card slot on various types of phones, and then locate the card’s media.

Click here to locate media


After you have shared a microSD card with someone, they can virally share the Gospel audio and video files with other phones using a technology called Bluetooth.

Click here to do Bluetooth transfers


Other Helpful Links

Video 1 – Introduction from Renew World Outreach on Vimeo.

Video 2 – Gospel Media from Renew World Outreach on Vimeo.

Video 3 – Apps from Renew World Outreach on Vimeo.

Video 4 – MicroSD Cards and Bluetooth from Renew World Outreach on Vimeo.

Video 5 – Strategy from Renew World Outreach on Vimeo.

The JESUS Film can be used in conjunction with Audio Bibles to start a church planting movement. Learn how to train your listening group for indigenous led church planting using the Reach Strategy!


Renew has created a tool, called the LightStream, that can distribute media to mobile phones using offline Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and microSD cards. Visit the LightStream equipment page for more information.


Mobile Advance is working to provide Gospel materials to these refugees by partnering with several ministries in the Middle East and Europe.


Visual Story Network has a handful of very helpful resources available on their Resources Page under the heading “Mobile Ministry,” including a full Mobile Ministry Made Easy e-Book.


Interested in learning more about mobile ministry? Check out the Mobile Ministry Forum.

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