Read what they’re saying about Renew:

Heidi Baker
“These solar Bibles and projectors with the Jesus Film are the best tools you will ever ever see. They explain the gospel and people are discipled and changed. It’s so beautiful!”
“This is the best breakthrough I have ever heard for the gospel. I am so excited about the developments Jesus gave you!”

—Heidi Baker, Co founder
IRIS Global

Loren Cunningham
“Renew World Outreach helps missionaries use technology to get God’s Word to remote people groups. They can share Bibles and the JESUS Film with their friends, who can share it with their friends. What an amazing way to distribute Bibles!”

—Loren Cunningham, Founder
Youth With A Mission

Brad Brown, CIO
“Thanks to Renew, we are able to get Dr. Stanley’s content in places around the world that we never thought possible.”

—Brad Brown, CIO
InTouch Ministries

Diane Robbins
“Did you know, through JESUS Film Harvest Partners teams (many of which are using your equipment), one more person is added to the Kingdom every 47 seconds!” 

—Diane Robbins 
Jesus Film Harvest Partners

Clay Jackson
“These are proven ministry tools to the most remote.” 

—Clay Jackson, Vice President 
Faith Comes By Hearing

Chris Kohn
“The unit we recieved for Zambia has revolutionized our ministry there…” 

—Chris Kohn 
Heart for the World

Rusty Robbins
“You have definitely built a tool which handles the field’s challenges.” 

—Rusty Robbins 
Jesus Film Harvest Partners

Hein van Wyk
“One word describes your work: Kingdom-Excellence.” 

—Hein van Wyk, Director 
Every Home for Christ, Africa


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Renew Outreach has the pleasure of partnering with many organizations for the purpose of making Jesus Christ famous throughout the earth. Here are our current partners:


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We have worked with over 1,500 missionaries, churches, and organizations. Click here to see our full partners list.

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