The Reach Project is one of Renew’s methods to supply workers in the field with equipment, media, and strategies . The Reach Project provides ministry workers the ability to apply to get equipped. It then provides financial partners opportunities to give to those specific needs.
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We have been recording the JESUS Film in the languages of some of the unreached tribes, who have not yet heard the Gospel. Thus far, we have recorded 10 languages at our Aurora property, and we will be recording 7 more languages this year. Moreover, our staff in the Amazon and our network of partners need Vista Systems and audio Bibles to continue the difficult work of bringing the Gospel to some of the most remote people groups on the planet. Already, we have seen many salvations and miracles among the Urarinas, one of the first people groups to be reached. These tribal people have seen the power of the Gospel to transform their lives and communities, and they are hungry for more!

Motorbikes and Vistas! Our field partners in South Sudan have been going from village to village in South Sudan with the JESUS Film for the last several years, and the results have been outstanding. Hundreds of thousands are hearing the Gospel and thousands are putting their faith in Jesus. But the need is still great. In the war-torn nation of South Sudan, Gospel workers can be lost just as quickly as they are gained and equipment can easily be destroyed or stolen by the rebels. Fortunately, our God is greater and stronger, and he has been supplying more and more field workers from within South Sudan and from neighboring countries who are all hungry to see the lost brought into the Kingdom. Now we just need to equip them!

We are currently working with several missionaries in Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, and other European nations to bring Hope to the myriads of Syrians and other Arabs seeking to escape the crisis in their homelands. We are deploying cell phone charging stations, LightStreams, and microSD cards, so refugees can obtain vital talk time on their phones, while also experiencing the Gospel in a contextual way, often for the first time.

In partnership with local churches and other mission groups like YWAM, we have a vision to see a Bible in every household in Nepal. Already, we have been able to send thousands of audio Bibles into Nepal on microSD cards. In one case, when one man received an audio Bible on his phone, he spent the entire night listening to the Word of God. He could not put it down! In another case, one of our partner missionaries is using our Bible SD cards to share the Gospel with those in Nepal and is reaching those, who are recovering from and looking for shelter and food, after the Nepali earthquake. Moreover, we want to continue to see lives transformed in Nepal. We have teams ready to take LightStreams and microSD cards to the people in Nepal—as soon as the funding for the equipment comes in!

We are working with a network of pastors in Indonesia, who put on a large youth outreach every summer—called National Youth Camp. Over 5,000 young Indonesians will hear the Gospel and get plugged into churches as part of this program. There is a huge need for LightStreams and microSD cards to help disciple these young people in God’s Word. We have a chance now to equip the next generation of evangelists to bring a huge spiritual shift to the nation of Indonesia.

Youth With A Mission has several ships sailing around the world’s oceans, praying for open doors and then docking where the Lord leads them to engage in evangelism and discipleship.  So far, we have been able to equip every ship with a Vista system, so they can do JESUS Film showings at each location.  But we still need to help with discipleship.  Many new believers all over the world still do not have good access to the Word of God in their language.  We want to equip each YWAM Ship with a LightStream and microSD cards, to get audio and text Bibles onto the phones of the remote people who are giving their lives to Jesus.  With Bibles, they can grow in their faith and begin church planting revolutions in their nations.

Your donation will be applied to the most important and urgent needs of the ministry.

Why the Reach Project?

There are over 6,600 Unreached People Groups.

These people need to see and hear the message of Jesus in their own language.

Technology multiplies the reach of missionaries by using digital Gospel media available in thousands of languages.

Renew’s equipment and strategies provide the platform for sharing this media.

How Does It Work?

One of the beautiful ways the Lord uses to fulfill the Great Commission is through the partnership of ministry workers in the field and financial partners at home. The Reach Project matches financial partners with the specific needs of the ministry workers in the field. Some ministry workers have access to resources, but others do not. By harnessing our vast network of ministry workers across the globe, we are able to identify the most fertile ministries ripe for multiplication through technology. We then present these opportunities for anyone with the desire and ability to make high-return Kingdom investments. Through this partnership, God provides the increase.

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