The LightStream

What is the LightStream and Why is it So Useful?

The LightStream is a portable media distribution system that allows users to create a full featured “digital library” from which Gospel media can be shared on mobile devices in an off-the-grid environment without depending on access to internet or electricity. Please watch the video or read the Infographic to learn more about the exciting opportunity we all have to spread the Gospel on mobile phones!

**We would appreciate it if you would please place your order at least 2 weeks in advance- 1 week for us to put your equipment order together and 1 week for you to test it out before taking it overseas. However, if it is an urgent order, then we will process your order.


LightStream Solar

Charge battery
with solar panel
or with AC adapter
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LightStream Mobile

Charge Battery
with AC adapter
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LightStream AC

Wi-Fi Hotspot (15 + mobile devices)
Bluetooth Broadcasting (“Push” media file to phones that enable Bluetooth)
MicroSD Card Copying (copy content to four microSD cards simultaneously)
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What makes the LightStream unique?

  • Give up to 15 simultaneous users access to your media via Wi-Fi.
  • Push audio and video clips to 10 users per minute via Bluetooth.
  • Copy to 4 microSD cards simultaneously.
  • Access statistical information on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and SD card copying through our easy-to-use admin dashboard. Export to CSV function available for reporting purposes.
  • Customize the content of the Wi-Fi user interface with our simple but full-featured administrative panel.
  • Easily change the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot and BlueTooth push signal.
  • Wi-Fi automatically redirects the user to the LightStream user interface without the user having to type any special address or codes into their browser.
  • Easily translate your LightStream Wi-Fi user interface into another language. The LightStream supports all UTF-8 characters (most written languages).
  • Quickly swap out media using either the LightStream’s built-in Wi-Fi Media Manager or the included media-loading flash drive.

Compare to other devices

Would you like to compare the LightStream’s features and specs with other devices? Click here to do a side-by-side comparison to the BibleBox, AirStash and HooToo.

So what media can I put on the LightStream?

Check out our Get Media page to search through our available audio and video media that you can use on the LightStream.

Get Media Page

Watch this excellent training video for thorough step-by-step instructions on how to operate your LightStream.

LightStream Training Video

Using the LightStream on the Mission Field